Is the selected candidate the best fit for the job I'm offering? Is my employee willing and able to develop? Why is a particular member of staff not performing to standard? Every manager faces these questions at some time or other. Our team at Habilis Assessments is very familiar with these questions and know just how to find the answers and insights you’re looking for.

We can tailor our service to explore any staffing issue you may have. Our findings are translated into an assessment profile which identifies the qualities to be analysed and the tools for that analysis: a questionnaire survey, a diagnostic/competence study and a practical skills study. Once we have gone through all these steps, we'll send you a detailed report. We are always happy to talk you through this report.

Our psychologists are not only extremely experienced in carrying out assessments but also engaged in providing organisation advice and coaching. This combination of theory and practice results in clear recommendations that employers can act on.

The fee for an assessment depends on the work carried out. To give you an indication, an individual assessment is worth about €1,875.

Rob van den Biggelaar explains how Habilis can help you.