Mario van Bambost

Senior Consultant / Partner

Mario works mainly in Executive Search and People Development.

Bert-Jan IJpelaar

Senior Consultant / Partner

In addition to Executive Search, Interim Management and Outplacement, Bert-Jan focuses on the growth and development of new activities within Habilis.

Christel Bernards

Research Consultant

Christel looks after the research process in our Executive Search department.

Rob concentrates on issues related to Assessments, Aggression Prevention, Quality Instructors and training opportunities.

Roel Broods

Senior Recruiter

At Habilis, Roel is deployed as Senior Recruiter

Peter-Paul Dings

Senior Consultant / Partner

Peter-Paul focuses on Executive Search, HR-consultancy, Interim HR and RPO.

Lonneke deals with the research process within Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Executive Search.

Ellen Houwen

Management Assistant

Ellen assists with financial and administrative duties.

Sanne Jansen

Research Consultant

Sanne deals with the research process within Executive Search.

Jaap Keeren

Technical Talent Sourcer

At Habilis, Jaap is deployed as Technical Talent Sourcer within Executive Search.

Maarten Krepel

Senior Recruiter

Maarten concentrates on Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Rianne van de Laar

Office Manager

Rianne provides administrative support and is responsible for office management.

Monique van de Liefvoort

Senior Consultant / Associate Partner

Monique is responsible for People Development, and she also supports Executive Search with marketing and communication.

Monique van Limpt

Senior Labour & Organisation Expert

Monique provides guidance and support with regard to Aggression Prevention, Assessments and Coaching.

Emma Meuter

Junior Recruiter

Emma looks after the research process in our Executive Search department.

Epie Oosterhuis

Management Assistant

Epie provides support for our accounting and administrative duties

Wouter Schreuder

Senior Consultant / Partner

Wouter focuses on Contract Staffing of our professional Engineers within the Industry.

Jolie Zondag

Research Consultant

Jolie looks after the research process in our Executive Search department.